Hemp Art
Daniel Ortega

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Daniel Ortega is a Veteran and local artist/sculptor in Arizona who creates and hand-sculpts bas-relief designs from organic mediums like HEMP dust and has made some amazing pieces, one of which has our company logo on it.

Daniel’s mediums dry hard and have the appearance of stone, which are then painted with acrylics, or bio-degradable ”green seal” paints. Sometimes he leaves it natural earth,plant or spice colored and seals it with cactus juice or polyurethane. Enhancing his work with sand, glass, stones and metallic finishes makes a beautiful contrast on the sculpted mediums, composed of non-endangered plant, wood, flowers, earth and stone.

Daniel also makes keepsake/reliquary vaults with hemp dust, red with Arizona iron oxide earth, or yellow with turmeric spice powder…..Earth-friendly artwork with NO CARBON FOOTPRINT

Contact Daniel direct about his beautiful, natural artwork at +1 619 365 1087