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Since December, 2015
Rhody has had 3 seizures, 2 of these were from anisthetic and one was from fish oils which bring on a seizure. Today is the 1st of August 2016. Rhody has gone from being in pull ups full time and unable to attend to any of his own personal cares to being fully independant with toileting, showering and his personal hygine needs. His communication has increased dramatically as his emotional intelligence and social skills. He is able to understand and articulate complex language and concepts. He’s developed a sense of humor and is able to understand and tell jokes. He attended his first holiday program these school holidays - he’s 16.

Rhodys teachers at school and his specialist are gobsmacked (only word for it) at his development and learning. His speech can be slurred and slow; I aliken it to a stoke patient, however this too is getting better slowly day by day.

He has had nothing but postive outcomes for himself and his life. I appreciate your help and am grateful beyond words……Heidi


Jeriah has tonic seizures - around 5-6 per night. They last anywhere from 20 seconds to about 2 minutes. They start with his entire body tensing and then he convulses or shakes.

Now he’s on Lamictal and CBD oil he’s had 5 or 6 in the last month - that sure beats the 5-6 a night he was having.

Doctor’s notes: Lamotrigine is an antiepileptic drug with multiple action mechanisms, although the best known is to block sodium channels. In addition, it has a broad spectrum against focal and generalized seizures. I do not anticipate any unfavorable interaction of combining it with cannabidiol although I would make sure that you are taking at least 7 mg / kg / day and divide the dose into two (2) doses a day - morning and night. In some patients with SLG who persist with tonic seizures despite this combination (LMT-CBD), a small amount of clobazam (frisium) may be added at night, dramatically improving nocturnal seizures, which are usually tonic.


Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Stage 4 with mets to the neck, left breast, lymph nodes, stomach and lungs. Diagnosed in July 2014 and given two to three months to live. I was told radiation and surgery were impossible because of how far out the cancer had spread." "My daughter began to research everything she could. She kept telling me she couldn't allow me to die. I remember she took a couple weeks off work to research, make calls, meet people, to try to find what would possibly let me live longer”.

"I sleep like a baby, I feel healthy. I have energy because I'm always rested. I feel strong. I feel happy and brave. I use Cannabis Oil every night before bed. It's my life now, because it gave me my life back for me and my family. My blood work is perfect. December 17th will be two years of being cancer-free."



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