HEMP Construction

Hemp + Lime + H2o mixed together make Fire, Mold, Termite-Proof, super-insulating, breathable, alkaline and energy efficient homes. And the price to build with hemp is around the same as regular construction with the added benefits of living in a healthier environment - better for you, your children and generations to come.

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From residential to industrial building with Hemp, we can help with design, engineering, quantity surveys and installation training.

sleep-out, portable office, man-cave, granny flat, Grow room, Potting shed, B&B Cottage, Writer's Studio, Hideaway, Music Room, Artist Retreat, Eco Cottages, Spare Room, Kitchen, Tea Room, Wood Shed, Chook House, Hobby Shed, Tool Shed, Outbuilding…….ANYWHERE on the planet !!! Really - a n y w h e r e

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From the North Pole to the Antarctic we can help with design, build, logistics and personnel for all your healthy residential, commercial & industrial building projects.

The Hemp Team is trained and ready to help you build sustainably, anywhere in the world.
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Builders by trade we have built the first fully permitted hemp homes in USA, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. Having evolved to encompass all aspects of Industrial Hemp from farm to house and furniture we also teach others how to grow, process and use this miracle plant.

Benefits of Hempcrete

  • High thermal insulation
  • 50% - 70% energy savings
  • Termite resistant
  • Breathable walls
  • Design flexibility
  • Prevents mould
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Negative carbon footprint
  • Healthy living environment
  • Inherently Airtight
  • High acoustic performance
  • No waste
  • No Dry Rot
  • Natural Substrates for Plasters and Renders
  • Low Air Infiltration

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