Hemp Insulation Batts

sunstrand batts
Natural Hemp Fiber Insulation Batts is an all-natural, thermal insulation. It is composed of a proprietary blend of locally sourced hemp fibers that replace glass fiber. Hemp Batts are light-weight, easy to handle, flexible and contribute to better in-home air quality.

Hemp blanket batts provide the functionality of traditional fiberglass insulation without irritating the skin or containing harmful, toxic elements.

  • ceilings
  • walls
  • floors

Hemp Batts are available in 1-pallet increments to save on shipping. Each pallet contains 30 bags of insulation - each bag contains 96" x 15" (10 SqFt) for a total of 300 SqFt of insulation per pallet. Each pallet is approximately 46" wide x 48" long x 66" tall and weighs approx. 270 pounds (incl. pallet).

Insulation value = R-13
Pricing = US$2.85 per SqFt


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